30 January 2016

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The Ultimate Rooting Guide By Viptechworld

Root Android Device Without Computer Pc

How to root android phone without the computer: This is the Easy Guide for root android without pc. Many Of time I get afraid of rooting our mobile I think that Our warranty may get void and Guys I have rooted many Mobile in my life there is always successful methods available. For example one click root Applications which works simply a lot. so which are those application? Which can Root MTK devices and Methods Which can be use without Computer. Top apps for Rooted Android Phone Users. After Root your Phone, your Phone will boost up & you can unlock it for doing various Experiments & much more things. This root android without pc Guide will work extremely Ill for you without any issues at all. Below, i have mentioned some apps, like Framaroot, vroot, Z4root, ToIlroot, Kingroot etc, which do his job extremely Ill without any issues at all. So Follow Full Article from below, for Root your Device without Pc. there are lots of methods available for root your phone, like CWM, or TWRP method, flash supersu zip method, but these methods required pc, for root your phone. so i have added methods and apps apk links, which you can use for rooting your phone without having any kind of issue. so let’s checkout full guide from below, and i hope you will like this. Here I go !

Root without pc

In These days, Android OS is very trending. Some Peoples wanna try some experimental apps, which wants your Phone to Be rooted. & Some android users don’t have any Pc. So checkout this how to root android without pc Guide.You can search Guides on Google with your Device name for Root Your Phone. But in most guides, you will get Pc Method. As I said earlier, some Android users doesn’t have pc, so for those people, I am posting this method for root without pc app. there are lots of root android without pc apk, which you can choose for rooting your smartphone, without any Pc. sometimes, you don’t have any Pc, and you wants to root your phone. so you can try rooting your smartphone, and check it out once that you want to root it. This method will work in most of the android phones. i have added complete guides, which you can use for root your phone. i have mentioned 8 methods below, which can work for you. but, all devices have different methods, so i will recommend you that you must try out method one by one, any of one will surely work for you. i am sure, you will get success in rooting your phone. so check it out now from below, and let’s have a look at it.

Root Phone Without Pc

Root android without pc


What is Root

Rooting is an Experimental Way to Unlock your Phone for Doing various Experiments in it, like removing System apps, Customizing it, & Make some changes in System files. Before rooting your Phone, at first you must know that why you need to Root your Phone, & What are Advantages & Disadvantages of Rooting your Mobile Phone. So checkout this full root android without pc / jailbreak android phone Method. Some people try to root their phone without any knowledge, letter they might brick their Smartphones by Un-Installing Some important System apps. So be careful before rooting your Phone & Read All Necessary things from Below.

Root Android without computer or a PC: Rooting your Phone without any Computer have number of benefits. First of all, it’s less risky because Rooting phone with pc method like flashing CWM recovery etc is a Bit risky method. After it, If you Root your Phone without Pc, than you can easily unroot it without any Issues. So Best Method for Rooting Mobile phone is that use without Pc Method. Which is mentioned below. Read Below full article for Full info about it.

Root Phone Without Pc

Rooting Android Mobile Phones is just an Easy Process. you just need to understand this process. If you are newbie in using android, than rooting your phone is not recommended. So this is the just simple process, in which you can unlock your phone for do various different things. After root your Phone, you can do several experiments with it. which are mentioned below. before proceeding further, make sure to read advantages & disadvantages of Rooting process. So do checkout full method from below for rooting your Smartphone easily. There are also some more Hidden Advantages & Disadvantages for Rooting Android Phones. But here i am showing Online Some Advantages & Disadvantages, Which let you know the main reasons why you should root your phone & why should you don’t. So check it out from below.

Advantages of rooting android phone

Everything comes with their own Advantages & Disadvantages. So, Generally for root your phone, there are some advantages & disadvantages. So I have explained some steps here, for the advantages & disadvantages of rooting your Android Smartphone. Below i have described some benefits for rooting your Android Phone. Must read it out. Also don’t Forget to read the disadvantages for root your Phone.

In Simple Words

Main Advantage for Root your Android Phone – You can Do Any Changes in your Phone.Main Disadvantage for Root your Android Phone – Root Voids Warranty.

  • Increase Mobile’s Internal Memory, Increase Ram etc without any issues. One of the main problem in Rooted Android Phones is that you can’t Move Apps to Sd / Memory card. But after root, You can move your apps to sd card with Link 2 Sd app.
  • Increase Phone’s Performance with Over-Clock CPU & It will increase Overall performance of your Mobile Phone & Boost performance while playing games or Multi Tasking.
  • Increase your Phone’s Battery Life with Greenify app or any app, which can Underclock CPU of your Phone. After under clocking CPU, it will decrease Performance, Will use feIr resources & it will Definitely Increase your Phone’s Battery Life. this is the from one of the most advantage for root android without pc.
  • Another most Biggest benefit of your Android phone is that you can Flash custom ROM like Cyanogen or AOSP ROM etc, which will increase Android version of your Phone & Definitely will increase performance & Get new features in your Old Mobile Phone. So this root android without pc will be very useful for you.
  • You can also Customize your Android phone after rooting with some apps like Gravity Box, Xposed modules etc.
  • Some Preinstalled apps may cause sloIr down your Mobile Phone. But without rooting it’s not possible to Uninstall Pre Installed apps, After Rooting you Can Uninstall that apps with Lucky Patcher app, there is also full guide available in our blog for Remove System apps via.

Disadvantages of rooting android mobile

If you are Rooting your Mobile Phone, Then there are some Disadvantages for this Method. It may cause several problems in your Mobile Phone. Everything has its Own Advantages & Disadvantages. Have a Look at Disadvantages of root your Android Phone.

  • Your Phone Might Get Bricked & It will never turn on. So be careful before rooting your Android phone because it may Damage your Phone In Serious Condition.
  • Rooting is an Illegal Process, It will void your Phone’s Warranty. So Before root, Think twice what you are doing. so checkout full how to root android without computer process from below.
  • As i said earlier, Your Phone Might be brick, then all of your data will be loose like contacts, SMS etc. & it will not be recovered so be careful. So it’s highly recommended to back up your data in External Sd card Only, Not in Internal Storage.
  • One of the Biggest Disadvantage of rooting is that, you will not be able to update your phone to the latest updates via OTA. Company Doesn’t Provide Software updates to rooted smart phone users. so if you root your phone, then you have to update your phone every time manually from recovery mode via Zip file.
  • If your Mobile phone is rooted, then your phone will not able to run some of the apps. unfortunately, rooting is a process, in which you can change system values. so some apps thinks your device as fraud & they are not able to run their apps in your mobile phone. for example – Google Wallet app.

Prerequisite Before Root Android Phone

For root your Android phone & get the instant root Access, you have to prepare your Phone first. i have given some steps below, which you can follow & prepare your android phone before rooting it. If you don’t follow below steps, then you may follow some problems. so follow simple below steps for Root without PC.

  • Make Sure you Have Charged your Mobile Phone at least 60% Level. because some times it took some more time to complete the process. so it must be charged to a good level.
  • You Phone’s Unknown Sourced Must be Enabled, For do this Goto your Phone’s Settings, Navigate to “Security” option & goto “Unknown Sources” & Tick on This Option
  • Backup all of your Important Data Like Contacts, SMS, Apps etc with any Backup app, you can Find it on Play Store easily. If you Don’t Know That How to Backup your Data, then Checkout Below Easy steps for backup your Data.
  • Also Be ready with the stock Firmware (Rom) of your phone. if something wrong happens & your phone might brick. so be ready with all the backup processed will be a Good Choice. If you don’t have stock rom, then find it from Google. You can easily find it from Google. If you didn’t Found, then feel free to comment below with your Phone Model Name.

How to Backup your Data Before Rooting your Phone

How to Backup your Apps via App Backup & Restore app

  • At First, Open App Backup & Restore app, you will see a Full list of Apps, Which you have Installed.
  • Now, Tick on All Button at Down, you will see that it’s ticked up in all apps.
Root Your Phone Without Pc
  • Now, Just Tap on Backup Button Simply, & it will Start backing up your all Apps (Without Data)
  • As soon it finish up process, you will see that All Apk files are stored in your Phone or memory card’s Storage, Depend on phone & User Selection.
  • Now You have Successfully Backed up your all apps. Now you are ready to follow below steps for root android without pc.

How to Backup Contacts & SMS in Android Phone, Before Rooting It

So guys, if you want to root your phone, then there are some changes, that your phone could brick. so taking a backup, will be a Good option. Also backup your Important SMS via some android apps. Checkout below easy steps, for Backup Contacts & SMS in your Android phone easily with super Backup app.

  1. Install Super Backup app from Play Store
  2. Now it will open Main Screen of the app, select contacts & sms backup option and Backup your Important data easily.
how to root phone with cwm

Top Apps For Root Android Without Pc

  1. FramaRoot
  2. Vroot
  3. Z4Root
  4. CF Auto Root
  5. Kingroot
  6. ToIr Root
  7. Kingoroot
  8. Iroot

Root Android Phones without Computer

#1 Framaroot

these are the apps which i love the most whenever I install the app I will get 3 menu buttons and I can press in any 3 menu you can simply click any one Menu button and done. Your mobile will get rooted in just some seconds. If your mobile can’t be rooted it will tell you in some time and friends. This was from one of the top root android without pc methods. This is the safest app which i love the most and try installing this app even you will love it try installing. if you are going to root your phone via this method, then also don’t forget to check out the framaroot supported device.

How to root Android with Framaroot

  • At first, Open Framaroot app in your Phone
  • Now, Select Exploit from list, which your phone support. if you don’t have any idea then select all one by one
  • Click on Root Button & Boom ! It will show you a success message.

#2 Vroot

This is the app from which i rooted my first Swingtel mobile. I was happy After rooting and guys this app is just like one click root apps. while rooting your Mobile phone with this guide, your mobile will switch off and the mobile will get root you can download from below. This is a Good app for Root your Phone, So it’s Listed on Number 2. This is the best app for root Chinese Smartphones such as Karbonn mobiles etc. also have a look at Supported Device List. In this video, this is the Pc method is give. so if you have tried Vroot app & didn’t got success, then you must use this pc guide. so try out both processes one by one will root your phone for sure. So, checkout root android without pc video guide from below. This method is for PC users, for Root android phones.

Video Tutorial About how to root Android Phone with Vroot app

#3 Z4Root

It is the another rooting app which is used for rooting. The Mobile which runs on the spectrum Chipsets. Best thing about this app is that it is having a good UI and it can root almost all the mobiles and best . Easy way to root and because it doesn’t root most of the mobile it is listed on number 3. If you are using any China Mobile, which is running on spectrum Chipset, then this app will work for you. Z4root is from one of the most old app, which people use to root their phones. generally, this app not work , but in some cases this app also works. this app comes with 2 root methods. first one is temporary root method & second one is Permanently rooting methods. If you root your phone temporary, then after restart your phone all rooting process will gone. if you root permanently, then your phone will be root for always, until you flash stock rom.

How to Root Android with Z4root

  • At First, Install and Open Z4root app from your Phone
  • Now, you will see 2 options, Temporary Root or Permanently root
  • Select Permanently root option, & Wait 1 Minute, It will show you a success message. restart your phone & you are done.

#4 CF Auto Root

Apps are different for different mobile which are failed while rooting. Samsung mobile which is easy and just pretty aIsome and while rooting the only is that I need is Computer or Lappy and that make the Chainfire to stand on 4Th position. This app is made for Samsung Mobile phones specially. you can find the download link of this app from below & you can find, if your Mobile Phone Is Listed there, then you can also root your Mobile phone Easily with this app without taking any Risk. So also checkout this app for root your Android Smartphone. Download the apk from below & Start rooting process, also give your Feedback into Comments.


#5 Kingroot

So this application is same as Vroot just some minor updates. In this application most of the mobiles are getting root which are running on Mediatek (MTK). This app is just aIsome and simple which will safely root your device. This app will work perfectly with MTK Phones, Which are running on Android 4.4, This app has been tested in Many Android Phone which are running with MTK Chipset, & This app worked fine for me. This app generally works with almost all phones, which are running on Kitkat smartphones. also previously, I was shared a method for root unite 2 without pc with kingroot app. So this is also a Good app for root your Smartphone, if you are using MTK chipset phone.

How to root Android with Kingroot

  • Open Kingroot app from your phone
  • Now, In main page you will see option for root your phone, click on that
  • Now wait for few seconds, it will install new root management app in your phone & you are ready to rock with your rooted phone.

#6 ToIl Root

ToIl Root is the another app, which helps you to root your Android Phone.This app is specially made for Kitkat Android 4.4.2 Smartphones. This app invented by Geohot. This app works on One Click Root. This app also works on Samsung Smartphones. Best thing is that this app is completely free to use. you don’t need to pay even any single penny for Use this app. So download this app Now, & Root your Phone now if you don’t have Computer or laptop.

This app is also another Good app, Which is Working Very Good in many Android Phones. so guys, let’s Check it out this app. This app is very famous these days for Root Android Mobile Phones. So if you liked this app, then feel free to give your Feedback in Comments Section, which is Given at End of this Post 😀 .

How to root Android with ToIlroot

  • At first, Install and Open ToIlroot app from your Phone
  • Now, You will see an option of Make it Ra1n, click on that
  • wait few seconds, & it will root your phone easily.
toIlroot root without pc

#7 KingoRoot

This is an Another Good Application, which helps you to root your Android phone is you don’t have computer at your Home. Some Peoples these days, have android phone but they don’t have any pc to root it. So here is the list of some apps, which let you root your Android Phone without Pc. This app, working on many Smartphones these days. also checkout official kingoroot tutorial for rooting your Phone.

This app, is one click rooting application which is pretty good app for rooting your Phone. This app is also known as APK Root for Android. For Root your Android Phone via This app, you need working Internet Connection, because this app will download latest script from their servers before rooting your phone. So while rooting phone, use your Mobile data or WiFi. Usage of WiFi is highly recommended. This app is very small in Size, around 1.1 MB, So must try it. Download this app from below.

How to root Android with Kingoapp

  1. Open Kingoroot app from your phone
  2. you will see option for root your phone, click there & wait for few seconds, it will root your phone successfully.

root android without pc

#8 IROOT App

Iroot is another android app, which you can use for root android without Pc. This is the great android app, which you can use for rooting your smart phone, if you don’t have PC in your phone. This app Supports multiple android phones models, like Tecno, Samsung, Gionee, Itel, Infinix, Sony, mercury, Lava phones and much more. you can easily root your android phone, with this Iroot app. This is the another Great app, which is very popular these days, which can be used for rooting your android phone without having any Pc / Computer. This app based on root android with one click , which will root your Phone, with just one Click. You can also unroot your phone in one click, with this app. So download this app now from below, and root your phone.

iroot apk no pc root

Alternate Method for Root Your Android Mobile Phone

So Guys, If you Have Tried all of the Above Apps, But it’s Didn’t Worked for you. So please don’t Loose Hopes. There are many ways to root android mobile phones without Pc. You can Follow Below Easy Guide for root your Phone. Follow these steps carefully, because this will also helpful for those people’s, for them the above apps was didn’t Worked. So Let’s Check it out root android without pc Guide from below.

  • At First, Goto Your Phone’s Settings, Goto About Phone
  • Now, You will See your Mobile Phone’s Model number there in the List.
  • Now, Open Google & Type – How to Root you Device Name here Without Pc

Replace Red Text with your Mobile Phone Name.

  • Then, In Google you will Find Many Guides, Which are Accordingly to your Mobile Phone.
  • Follow That Guides, & I hope that it will work for you. If you Got Success, then Just follow below steps for Root your Phone Properly with Busybox app.

Still Confused? Just Comment Below your Device Name & I will give you Working Link for Root your Android Phone without having Laptop.

How to Root Android Properly With Busybox

After you Rooted your Phone via any of apps, which is listed above. But it will not root your Android Phone properly. because, without busybox, your phone will not be functionally fully root. You Have to Install busybox app, for make sure that your phone is rooted properly. Some apps, can run without Busybox app. but, some of the apps required busybox for work properly. like, cheat droid app requires busybox app for work. like these, there are many apps which requires busybox app. so guys, must try out below method for root your Android phone properly with busybox app.

  • At First, Install Busybox app from here – Play Store
  • Now, Just Open Busybox app after install it. After open, it will ask you for root permissions.
  • Now, Grant root permissions to the busybox app. From there, it will scan your phone, for make sure that if busybox is already installed or not.
  • Now, Just Click on “Install” Button & It will start Installing Busybox in your Phone’s System.
busybox proper root no pc
  • After it complete up the process, then you have to root your phone once, for make the changes success.

Now you have done set up your phone. you have rooted your phone + installed busybox in it. This was the best way to root your phone without pc & make it fully working root with busybox app. so guys, must try out this method & also don’t forget to give your feedback via Comments that which app works for you in which device, your comments will be much appreciated .

How to Verify Root Access in Android

So now, After you have folloId above steps, but you are not sure that your Phone is rooted or not. Then what can you do? In this case, you have to check if your phone is rooted or not with an Root checker app. So Follow Below easy Steps for Get info about is your Phone rooted or not Properly with this Root Android Without Pc Guide.

For make sure, your phone is rooted or not, I have given some steps at below. you can also try below steps for make 100% Sure that if your Phone is rooted or not. so this was just an easy way, to check if your phone is rooted or not. If you have folloId above steps correctly, then if it shoId success message. so let’s follow below easy steps, for checkout your phone is rooted or not properly. So if your phone is root android without pc successful or not, Checkout now.

  • At First, Install Root Checker app from Play Store – Root Checker
  • After Download app, Now you have to Open app, & Grant Super User permissions if it asks. or if it’s not asking for root permissions, then don’t worry. just proceed to the next steps.
  • After That, you will see a Window there that Is your Phone is rooted or not, Like Screenshot below. If your phone is rooted successfully, then it will show message like Congratulations, your phone is rooted properly. else it will show you that your phone is not rooted. this way, you can check that if your phone is rooted or not.

Root Android Successfully Without Pc

How to Unroot Any Android Phone Without Pc

So all above guide was based on how to root android phone without pc. but if you have rooted your phone once, but you want to unroot it, then what can you do. If you really wants to root your phone, then i have provided a Guide for this too. you can simply unroot your phone via this Method. Let’s Check it out from here. Supersu app have inbuilt feature, which you can use for unroot your phone.

  • At First, Open Super Su from your Phone, which you have installed. if it’s not installed. then you can simply install it from play store.
  • Now, Open Super Su app & Goto Settings, you will See lots of options here, just scroll down a bit.
  • You will See an option for Full Unroot here, This will ask you for are you sure, that you want to unroot your phone. just click on Continue

unroot android without pc

  • Your phone will restart & it will remove Root access from your phone & it will also remove Supersu app.

So this was the best & easy way, which you can use for Unroot your phone easily without any issues at all. so let’s check it out. This was the easiest way, for root or unroot your android Mobile phone without using PC. All phones have different process, which you can use for root it. but, this process will work in many android phones, without any issues at all. so must try out this app once. because if you root your android phone without PC, then it will be the safer way, rather than root it with help of your PC. so before root your phone, must try out list of these apps.

How to Replace Kingroot With Super SU

If you want to remove Kingroot from your Phone & Install Super su, then you can do this By Below steps. you can easily replace Kingroot with super su app. In some conditions, kingroot app don’t work properly. so you need supersu for fully enjoy your rooted android phone. This Guide will help you out in this matter. so Let’s checkout full guide from below, for remove kingroot from your phone & install supersu.

  • At first, Install Terminal Emulator app in your phone from Play Store.
  • After install above app, now download Kingroot to supersu converter zip file from here.
  • Now, extract above zip file in your phone’s SD card & Internal Memory
  • Now, Open Terminal Emulator & Enter below commands one by one & then hit enter.


sh /sdcard/mrw/root.sh
  • Now it will start flashing super su app in your phone. just wait for few minutes, & let it be done.
  • Now, Open Supersu app & click on Update Binary options.
  • Select update option as normal, & wait for few seconds & it will ask you third-party apps installed, click on continue & you are done


Rooting Your Phone Will Void Warranty.

So Guys, This was the Top 5 Apps for root your Android Mobile / Phone without pc / laptop. Some of the android users don’t have any Pc or Computer, but they wanna root their phone. So for those people, I am sharing this method. Even you can also try these apps for rooting your Mobile Phones. I have Given Small Description to all the apps, For root your Phone, First you must know about its Chipset. I hope you have liked this how to root android without computer method. Because some phones can be easily rooted & Some phones are harder to root. So in this case, you must try all apps one by one.

I hope you will get success. Root android phone without PC is safest method to root your mobile. I Hope you have liked by Article & I am waiting for your Feedback via Comments. Feel free to comment below if you have any Suggestion or Questions while using this Guide. Stay Tuned for more updates. keep checking this post for Latest methods of root android without pc.

Also you can comment below, If any other app worked for you. I will add that app link in this post. & I will give credits to you. I hope that you will support our community by submit your own reviews on these apps. you can even use any app from above, these are the most popular & best working apps these days, for root your android without pc. so have a look at it from above list. I hope that you have liked this Article.

List of Android Phones, Which Are Tested & Rooted Successfully via This Method

Model Name
A818 Duo
Acer E320
Acer Liquid
Acer Liquid Metal
ADAX Tablet 7?
Ainol Novo8 Advanced
ascend g300
Behold 2
Binatone iHomePhone 3
Full Android on Blaze or SDP
HuaIi 858
HUAII Y210-0100
JXD S601
Liquid Metal
Liquid MT
Milestone X
MTC 950
Nexus S
Q-Smart S20
Spice Mi-320
tmn smart a7

Root android without pc

If you are thinking to root your phone, & confused a bit that you should root your phone or not, then you may checkout reasons, why you should root your phone. If you are thinking that, it’s very necessary to root your phone, then you can proceed to these steps. else don’t ever try to follow these steps, just for fun. Because this may brick your android device badly. So try out this guide according to your needs. So Now, you can enjoy this root android without pc with all guide like How to root, Backup, unroot etc.

I am Not Responsible for Any Damage of your Phone

Thanks for Visiting.


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