07 August 2015

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Change Default Menu Style In S60 mobiles

hacked.jpgLearn How To Change Default Menu Style In S60 Mobiles; Specially For S60v3 Mobile

Tools To Download
*.Menu Changer.
*.ROM Patcher

Click Download Button To Get Rar Of All These Files

Installation Instructions:

1. Hack your phone 1st using the Hacking tools provided in the hacking folder.
2. Install Rom patcher using ROMPatcher.sisx
3. Disable the Caps using ROMPatcher
4. Apply C2Z Patch using c2z.rar & put it to auto.
5. Copy the Private.rar in your C:\ drive of phone & extract it.
6. Restart your phone & have two new style menus.

Removal Instructions: (Back to old menu)

1. Disable the C2Z patch from ROMPatcher & Remove it from auto.
2. Restart your phone & you’ll be back to your default menu i.e, Grid & List Menu.



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