23 August 2015

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Tutorial on Modding Facebook Mobile for java phones with popping sound..

I hope you already know about the mod I am talking about...

Now the fact is how to do it yourself if you ever want to do it..

Here's how it goes.

It contains a easy mod as well as a relatively harder mod but I have tried to make it as easy as possible..

Tools you need:-

=> BlueFTP or any other zip extraction software..

=> ByteCode Editor, a good one else you will get problems for which I don't have any solution.

=> Fb mod.zip file , you need to extract it and pack as stated in the following steps.


Easy Part

=> Extract the midlet to a folder and open ByteCode Editor. .

=> Search for javax/microedition/lcdui/Canvas and replace it with javay/microedition/lcdui/Canvas

=>. Search for "keyPressed" and replace it with "KeyPressed"

=> .Search for "javax/microedition/midlet/MIDlet" and replace it with "javay/microedition/lcdui/MID"

Note: Dont change "(Ljavax/microedition/midlet/MIDlet;)Ljavax/microedition/lcdui/Display"; .

Thats all you got in the easy part.. .

Medium hard part

. => Open a.class and inside it search for "vibrate". A method will appear, open it.
01.Change all "javax/microedition/lcdui/Display" to "javay/microedition/lcdui/Display"

=> Save the method. .

=> Now press options>limit stack you will find two fields named MaxStack and MaxLocals. .

=> Change MaxLocals value to 4. Press Ok.. .

=> Now save the class.. .

8-)Thats all.. Your editing is over..8-) .

Packing and installing

. => Open the FbMod.zip file. You will find two folders.. .

=> If you are a Nokia user you just need to extract the javay folder to you midlet. .

=> If you are a samsung user you need to extract both the folder into you midlet.. .

=>After that pack your midlet and enjoy..
So thats all for this session.. Hope I will be back with some intersting mod next time.. Bye friends..8-)8-)



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