05 November 2015

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Change Fonts Of Nokia S40 Mobile


Learn Tow To Change Font Of Nokia S40 Mobile Now change the defult font of your nokia mobile and give a new look to your mobile.

You have to edit the firmware of your mobile or which you knw as mobile software.

Then you have to flAsh it to your mobile.

First you have to download few tools to edit your mobile firmware.

*. Navifirm


*. JAF

*. P-Key Emulator

*. Font Files

Step 1.

Run navifirm ,select your mobile,version,product code to download firmware of your mobile. Or You Can Download Your Firmware Files From Nokia Ovi Suite For Best If You Confuse To Select Your Version Correctly...


Now run Ppmod.click on open a tree.then browse your firmware files and open the ppm file. Ppm file is named like rm561_v9.56.ppm_mh.


wait 5sec to load the tree. Now expand the tree ,and click on PPM. Then click on VFNT.


.you can see some suchunks named as DIGI,CNDS,RGLR,STSB,SBNL.


.now right click one by one and click on emport from binary ,then select your .ttf font in pop up window.


After change of your fonts,click on create PPM option.Wait few sec. Then save it.


Now your ppm file is ready.Flash it to your mobile with the MCU file.

If You Have Any Problem Then Comments Are Most Welcomed:mrgreen:



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