05 January 2016


[Special] Mywapblog Css Trick ; How To Add After/Before Content In Css.

Hello! All visitors today i am going to share a special mywapblog css knowledge.

Today I Will Teach You How You Can Add An Image , A Text , A Link Or Even All Of Them After Or Before Your Blogs Header,Footer,Blogroll,Category,Recent Posts,Above Your Post,Below Your Post etc....

Before Content To Your Mywapblog Is a Very Useful Tricks For All Mywapblogger.If you design Your Mywapblog, And You want To Add some Extra content Like as Notice,Announced,Adds etc.

Reviews To Create a CSS Before Content /After Content

Suppose You've Designed Mywapblog CSS Category Or Header And Now I'll you how To add Text/Image/Link Content To Your Mywapblog..

It Is So Easy You Just Have To Paste A Simple Css Code Given Below.....

Code For Adding Text

#category-bottom:after{ content:"ADD YOUR TEXT";display:block;background:#00FFFF;color:red;}

Code For Adding Image/Link

*.Adding Text After Blogroll

You Can Add Comments, Header, Navigation menu, Footer, Powered by, Search box, Post Content :after :before

Just Change The Main # Tag Of CSS as given below:








Change Before & After Styles For Design Its Working With all Custom CSS.If You Face To Any Problems Just Contact Me At Facebook Or Simply Drop A Comment I'll Try To Reply As Soon As I See Your Message.

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  1. Any one does not work please help me

  2. @dedowap.yu.tl,
    If you have added them correctly they will surely work.,bro try from opera mini

  3. Bro please i cant still add image at the top of my post

  4. @Adejube,
    Its working in my blog, please follow the tutorial step-by-step and then check your blog from opera mini