13 March 2016

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How to start earning money from your mywapblog blog


We discussed lot about earning money from the internet , Almost every topic is related to earn money from blogger blog . But today we are discussing about earning money from Mywapblog network . Mywapblog is one of the greatest mobile blog network without having any competitors , Wapsite builders like Wapka and Xtgem also have blogging tool's but wapmasters who are aiming to create blog will choose Mywapblog .

How to Earn Money From MyWapBlog

It is very easy to earn money from the internet especially from MyWapBlog , Because blog is the only one thing which get huge amount of traffic from Search Engine than the Downloading Wapsite . To earn money from your mywapblog , Just follow the steps that given below .

*.Log-in to YourDashboardonMyWapBlog. *.Click on the "Ads" Link under the "Appearance" Tab .

*.There you can see some of the "Ad-Network's" Click the first one "UCWEB Union" .

*.Sign-Up with " UC-Union" For Adding Your Site .

*.Log-in to "Uc-Union" Then Add Your MyWapBlog .

*.Add your wapsite to "UC-Union" Like the "Screenshot" Given below .


*.It will take24 hoursto get theApprovestatues of your blog on UC-Union .

*.After gettingApprovefrom UC-Union , Click on the "Management" .

*.Copy the "ID" Which located near at your MyWapBlog "Title" .

*.Now come to the "Ads" Page on "MyWapBlog" Dashboard again .

*.Select "Ad-Network" As "UC-Web Ad-Code" .

*.Paste the "ID" Which you copied from "UC-Union" To the "Text-box" Which located under the "Publisher ID" Label .

*.Click on the "Save" Button .

*.You areDone.

You can also choose "Adsense" and the other Ad-Networks which located under the "Ad-Networks" Label , They also having the same steps like "UC-Union" Do . It is better you to select "UC-Union" or "Adsense" For earning money . Because their service is using millions of wapmaster's to earn money from their wapsite .

I hope you well enjoyed this article , If you have any doubts or suggestions related to this article , Please let me know by using the comment box given below . Thanks



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