13 March 2016

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"Run or Die" by Rendered Ideas - How to crack network connection ?

Rendered Ideasjust have released their latest game for j2me named Run or Die.

You can download it from OperaStore.

Now I'm gonna share you how to crack its network connection >>


Extract the game.

1. 1st go to y.class by Bytecode editor, open methods, you see a method there a()Ljava/lang/String;- open it > you see a link there like http://www.google-analysis.com/...- remove that http:// and save.

2. Then go to com/renderedideas/platform/VservManager.class. In this class search for http:// and remove them. You will find two links there. And save.

3. Next go to com/renderedideas/platform/c.class. Open the methods of this class file, you see a method there -run()V- open it and see at 45 no. string like -

ifneLabel50 ldc "Internet connection..."

Just replace ifne to ifeq and you see a link there http://www.example.com- remove the http:// and save.

Compress and enjoy.:mrgreen:

If you want yourself to stay away from all that headache then simply comment your screensize in the comment box i'll do it for you ....

This is just for educational purposes i'm not responsible for any consequences



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