13 March 2016

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How to drive traffic to your mywapblog blog and earn money?

How To Drive Taffic To Your MWB Blog Without Google I this post i will be showing you how i drive traffic to my blog without the use of Google. Although i know that the best and easiest way to drive huge traffic to your blog is through Search Engine and also SEO.


But in this post, i will show you how and what to do to increase your Mywapblog blog traffic. Not only on your MWB blog, but for websites...

Social Bookmarking: We all know that lot of bloggers believe that social bookmarking sites exist only for the purpose of backlinks creation, but some of these top social bookmarking sites which are mostly no-follow can deliver tons of targeted traffic to your blog. Top Social Bookmarking sites like Reddit, Stumbleupon, Delicious and so on can affect your blog traffic positively.

Social Networking: Many of us know that this is a tested and trusted traffic technique. Social networking is all about making your blog content available on social networks. This happens to be my favorite, why? you can have lots of fun promoting your blog on social networks. To get the very best out of social networks, you have to go only for the top ones and utilize them properly. You can quickly start by creating a Facebook page for sharing of your blog posts, getting a twitter account, joining Pinterest. The sole aim is just to make your blog articles available on top social networking sites.

Guest Posting Or Blogging: Here in Mywapblog, You can start benefiting from other blogs traffic by submitting your original posts to them. To succed with guest posting, always be original and only go for blogs with a reasonable ammount of readers.

Blog Commenting: Drop your MWB blog url as a comment. Dropping relevant and useful comments will attract both the blog owner and readers attention. Personally, when going through a post comments i end-up visiting some commenters links due to the fact that their comment seemed like they know much on that particular topic and could be of help, i assume that a reasonable percentage of readers does the same. Readers would love to know more about you if your comment is been found useful. The best place to do this is Mywapblog Official Blog. This blog got more than 1million visit per 30 days.<

Forum Posting Driving traffic from forums has to do with consistency. You’ll have to

- Register only with forums related to your niche

- Add your URL to the signature box

- Help other members

- Create helpful topics

- Be Active

All these will help win the members trust and if you succeed with that, they’ll always visit the links on the posts you publish on the forum without having a double mind.

This are the best ways you can drive traffic to your Mywapblog Site without Google.

These are all the tips and tricks you may use to make your blog best but keep in mind 'only hardwork pays'.



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