15 March 2016


How To Use Emoticons In Mywapblog Post And Comment

Today I want to share the ways to make emoticons in Mywapblog post and their respective codes. It is so easy and you can create it easily. You have to put colon (:) and some text and then colon (:) again. And some times, a colon (:) and a symbol. But it should be valued.

Like This:

(Remove spaces that I have used to show you the texts.)

: twisted: will be twisted
: arrow: will be arrow
: oops: will be redface
: evil: will be evil
: roll: will be rolleyes
: wink: will be wink
; ) will be wink
: idea: will be idea
: lol: will be lol
: -D will be biggrin
: !: will be exclaim
: ?: will be question
: -( will be sad
: ? will be confused
: D will be biggrin
: | will be neutral

So these are some emoticons.You can use the same for both posts and comments.

My next post will be on how to display all emoticons and their code near the comment box so that people commenting to your blog can also use these cute emojis....

Good luck and do not forget to comment......

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