13 April 2016

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Mywapblog Navigation Full Tutorial (A To Z) (Everything You Need To Know)

Hello Friends! And Wish You A Very Happy Navratra......:mrgreen:

Some Days Ago Mywapblog Introduces Some Of Its Brand New Features To Us....

This blogging platform is optimized and developed specifically for the mobile web. Now forget email-to-post services, start blogging right from your mobile's web browser!

Fond of clicking pictures on the move? Now share them as well using their free picture uploads. Upload unlimited photos directly from your mobile phone and show them to the whole world.

You Can Get your blog as: your-name. mywapblog.com

Blog just the way you browse!

Wait....There is more! With MyWapBlog.com, enjoy:-

*.Ease-of-use and FULL management from mobile.

*.Unlimited file uploads.

*.Desktop version of your mobile blog.

*.All this and MUCH more for FREE.

Today i am telling you some more details about the features that mywapblog provides its in navigation menu (Dashboard< Navigation Menu)......

<-----So Lets Get Started----->

Everything about me mywapblog

1.)Text/Html: This feature allows you to add any text or html code even css codes to your blog.If you have enough skills you can design your full blog only through this option.

2.)Google Translate: This feature will allow you add a language translator to your blog so that visitors from different countries can view your blog in their native language.

3.)Add: With this feature you can show adds on your blog and earn some money or more money,depend on your traffic(Read my post on how to increase you blog traffic).

4.)Mywapblog Profile: Adds a short info about you on your blog.

5.)G+ Badge Person/Page: Will add google plus widget to your blog allowing your visitors to follow you on g+ .

6.)Calender: Adds a calender to your blog.

7.)Date&Time: Shows up date and time to visitors.

8.)Analog Clock: Adds an good looking analog clock.

9.)Slideshow: Allows you to show up to 5 images slideshow on your blog.

10.)Facebook Page/Follow: Allows you visitors to like and follow your page/profile on fb.

11.)Twitter Follow/Timeline: Allows visitors to follow u on twitter and show tweets frm ur timeline.

12.)Traffic Statics: Allows your visitors to see how much traffic you blog makes.

13.)Social Buttons: Adds social buttons like fb,twitter etc....

14.)Mywapblog Social Buttons: Allows your visitors to like,follow and rate your blog.

15.)Feedburner Email Subscription: Adds an email subscription link to your blog.Allowing your visitors to subscribe your blog.

Thankyou friends for giving your time and reading this.Now you know more than enough about mywapblog.So what are you waiting for scroll down and leave a comment sharing your views....

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