04 August 2015

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How To Create Bubble Effects In Flash Lite..

ea0c728f0674491f957fee908a65531c.jpgCreate Bubbles Effect on Mouse Move Or Touch Sense in Mobile Just Follow The below Process.. Create An Empty Movie-clip Named It Bubble. You Can See It In Library , Double Click On It . Now You Are In Clip Editing Area Create A circle At First Frame In A Movie Clip And Give A color To It At 10th Frame In the Same Movie Clip Insert a Key-frame And Just Change The Position of The Circle Towards Top And Also Change Its Color To Red Or Yellow As You Wish. Now Select The Frame Range And Right Click On It Click On Option Create Motion Tween . Now Come To The Project And Insert An Action Layer And Paste The Following Code In Its Code Area By Pressing F9. Now Publish Your Swf File And Examine..... For Further Help Download The Attached File.

*. Bubbles.fla

*. Bubbles.Swf



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