07 August 2015


UC Browser 9.5 Legend Mod With HUI 2.0.4 For Java [ Full & Final ]

This Is The Final Version of UC Browser With Some Great Tools.This Is The Best Mod Ever . Don't Miss IT Java Users!
About :-
Size :550kb

Features :-

01.Ability To Open Up To 10 Tabs .

02.Fast Loading Bar Fills Up To 95% .

03.Capacity Of The Paste Area Is Now 99999 Characteristics.

04.Handler Menu v2.0.4 .

05.Screenshot Support both bmp and png .

06.Downloads At Time Can Be Change .

07.Download Buffer Can Be Change .

08.Notify by Sound When Download Finished .

09.Auto Rename Uploaded File According To Your Choice .

10.Auto Start Download At a Error .

11.Font Can Be Changed to BOLD or ITALIC .

12.Advanced Options Screenshot Added .
13.Changeable download Block at MenuExtra .

14.Touch Support Added in MenuExtra .

15.Transparent Background Image Option Has Been Added .

16.Added Music Player To Listen Musics Direct From UC .

17.jad2jar Option Added , After Downloading A Jad File It Opens A Tab To Download The Jar File .

18.AutoExit Option When Downloads are Complete .

19.Auto Heap Clean Option To Free Memory .

20.Two Different Download Counter Option Added .

21.Free Copy Restriction Removed .

22.Text Import Export Option Added .

23.New Task Text Limit Increase To 5000.




  1. good job, don't forget go to my blog

  2. @Fatchur Ar-rachman,

  3. Nice mod........

  4. @Sahil khatkar,

  5. Hi.....bro..... This mod of uc shows'blank page' on some websites e.g., freshnet.in , citywap.in , toonvideos.in etc. Do you have any solution of this'Mr.VIP' ?

  6. @$ahil Khatkar,
    Yes there's a solution go to setting> network < and turn on wap access via server and try again

  7. No......bro........
    I tried by turning on the wap access via server.
    But it does not work.
    It shows blank page.

    Mobile model:-Nokia 3120 classic.
    Help me 'Mr.VIP'

  8. @$ahil khatkar,
    That works well for me, anyways if it is noot working for you follow below steps:

    1. Go to the website.
    2. Let it load completely. (means you should be able to see white blank page)
    3. Go to settings > privacy > clear data and tick cache,input history and browsing history.
    4. Again go to settings and then network and turn wap access via server OFF if it is ON or turn it ON if it is OFF.
    5. Now refresh the page.

    After doing all above steps that website should be loaded.If it is still not loaded then you should try another version of UC.


  9. Hi bro......
    When i download any file then it ask for permission to edit data in memory card.
    And i have to press 'yes' again and again.
    Especially i use night packs and i save all files that i want to download and 1 file at the same time and other files on waiting.
    But when 1 file is downloaded then it ask for the permission for the next file to download.....
    I dont want to appear these permission and direct download the file......
    Help me please......

  10. @$ahil Khatkar,
    The problem is due to the app is not signed. It can be solved by simply signing the app by a certificate like darkman or thawte. If you don't know how to sign app then there's another solution...

    You can try downloading both .jar and .jad files of the app, installing both files should solve the problem...

    If not working then comment here i'll post an already signed app for you.

  11. How can i download both .jar and .jad files of UC LEGEND 9.5.........
    Can you give me their download links

  12. I tried to install darkman certificate.....
    But i unable to install it........
    Please tell me how can i download both .jar and .jad files of this app 'UC LEGEND 9.5'.............
    Please help me Mr.VIP.