23 November 2015

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[HOT] How To Get iPhone App Store on Android

These days most of the app developers and companies are launching their apps for both the platform (iPhone and Android). Even though most of the for profit company prefer launching their apps on iPhone first and then Android. Have you ever wanted to check out all Apple app store apps on your Android phone? The solution which I’m going to share with you here will let you browse all the iPhone app store apps on your Android device and you can see the description. Meet Apps explorer.

Apps Explorer for Android: Browse Apple App Store on Android

Apps explorer is an ultimate solution for Android users to browse iPhone apps on their Android phone. This app is basically an explorer app for official Apple app store and you will be able to see what all apps are there on the Apple app store and see the screenshots and description. You can sort the apps based on various factors such as App rating, popularity, price and release date. One particular feature which I loved and you will also love is: Ability to find the same app on Android play store. Suppose you are browsing an iPhone app using this app and you want to see if this app is available for your Android phone or not, you can do the same with the help of app. This will be helpful for you to find new apps for your Android phone, which is already popular on iOS eco-system. Bloggers and App reviewers will love this app, as even without iPhone you can see the description and discover new iPhone apps directly from your Android phone. A feature to emulate or may be a video demo of these apps would have been great addition for you. But for now, this is the best solution for anyone including you to checkout Apple app store apps on your Android device. If you know of any other similar app or an option to emulate iPhone app on Android phone, do let me know via comments.


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