20 October 2015

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5-Best Secure Browsers For Your Android To Browse Securely on Internet

Everything is not about freebrowsing!What's the essence of your browsing without you been secured on internet( www.minetechworld.heck.in)

5 Best Secure Browse For Your Android To Browse Securely

#1 Ghostery Browser

This is one the best browser that every security alert user knows. This popular browser provides you the private browsing by default.

And the major part is that when you close it app erases all data, such as browsing history, downloaded files, forms, cookies, and entered passwords. Also this app provide you the fast page access from the websites.

#2 Dolphin Zero

Many of you must be familiar with this cool android browser as this browser provides you the high privacy while browsing over the web. Similarly like above browser, this browser also clears all the data like cookies, form data, passwords and all other cache files. So must give a try to this cool browser. dolphin-zero-android

#3 Krypton Web Browser

One of the best and my favorite browser is this as this browser is just better than all other browser. This browser works on HTTPS everywhere policy and that provides the high security while browsing and also its tabs are isolated from each other from one’e data to another that stops data trapping from other sites. Must use this browser atleast once. krypton web browser

#4 Javelin Incognito Browser The another popular browser that must be well known by the students as this browser provides you the proxy to bypass the blocked sites over the wifi. Also this brosers block ads on it and private browsing in it.

#5 CM Browser – Fast & Secure CM is well know to android user a group that had develop lots of cool apps, similarly their browser is also good and provides you the secure access over the internet and stops scripts that can track you over the web. cm browser - fast & secure

Apart from browser you can use some Best VPN For Android that gives you a secure private network to browse anonymously over the internet.

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