20 October 2015

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How To Hijack Your Friends Browser Using Chrome Extension and Open Any Links on his Browser From Your PC

Disclaimer:This post is for security Awareness and any Misuse caused by you ain't Minetechworld concern!

Today we are here with cool browser hack that is method for How To Hijack Your Friends Browser. Till now we had discussed lots of tricks and tips that you can do in your PC browser, but this one is just ultimate.

Did you ever try to hijack someone’s browser or say try to force another computer browser to open certain links just from your PC, if you don’t then time to do. As here we have a cool method by which you can force any of your friend’s browser to open particular link remotely from your PC.

This method is very much wacky and you can do lots of pranks with your friends. So have a look on complete guide discussed below to proceed.

How To Hijack Your Friends Browser Using Chrome Extension

The method is quite simple and depends on a cool chrome extension that you will get from google chrome market and that will allow you to connect to your friend’s browser and open any specified app that you want to open in his/her browser.

So you just need to follow some simple steps below to proceed.

Note:- This trick will only work if the both your and your’s friend’s will have this extension in Google Chrome.

Steps To Forcibly open tabs in your Friend’s Browsers:

1. First of all you need to download and install a cool ad on for your google chrome browser that is (Shove).copy and paste this link to your browser to download it https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/shove/joikmhfafincmonklackcgcbbpcpdhjk?hl=en

2. Just tap on Add Extension on the popup appears.

3. Now click on shove extension and there you have to create an account first to access its service

4. Now proceed with the instructed and now you will see the option Add a Friend

5. Now there in field you will add your friend’s username whose browser you want to hijack.

6. Now your friends list will get updated and now select the friends in which you want to open particular URL.

7. Now you just need to add the address and the page will get open in your friend’s browser.

Thats it you are done, this is the most amazing way to hijack and make fun with your friends by opening different links according to your wish in your friends browser remotely.

Enjoy!Everything is all about learning on www.minetechworld.heck.in



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