11 December 2015

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Everything You Need To Know About Airtel Mini Call and free Benefits

Mini Call is a service that enables mobile subscribers to send verbal messages.

A subscriber simply dials followed by the recipient’s number (094xxxxxxxx) and speaks a short message. The recipient gets an SMS notification from the sender and can dial a number in the notification to directly access the spoken message.

Mini Call makes it convenient for people to send messages on the move without the rigors of triple tap of regular SMS.

Airtel Mini Call allows people to send messages on-net and off-net, at lower costs and works on all handsets.

The Mini Call service will provide the following appeal and advantage to Airtel customers:

1. Easy to use service without any complexities of the conventional SMS messaging.

2. Ability for customers to convey emotions through recorded messages rather than plain text messages.

3. Ability to send voice messages on-net and off-net destinations.

Records a message and hangs up. The length of the recorded message is 30 seconds. The subscriber is billed at this stage When a recipient gets a new voice message, he is notified by an SMS, e.g. to listen to all his/her new messages, Airtel customers dial 0 and a non-Airtel customers dial a regular number. e.g. 01111111100

1. The receiver hears a welcome message followed by the number of the new messages in the user's inbox and then each message is played. After each message.

2. The user can Re-listen to each message, Reply, Save, Delete or Forward each message. Airtel customer is not billed when he listens to a new message but is billed if he calls 1 to listen to the same message again.

3. Same as above for New messages but this time they dial 1 and messages which have been heard previously and have not been deleted will be played again. After/during each message, the user can Reply, Save, Delete or Forward the message.

4. Subscribers will be charged for listening to old messages. Associated with each message, is a unique long/ short dialling number. The users dial this number and will hear just the message associated with this notification. The users can then re- Listen, Save, Delete or Reply to the message or Forward the message. After listening to a message the recipient can reply. In this case they will be prompted for this option and if they choose to reply they will be asked to record the message. Afterwards they can hang up the call to send the message, or hit any key to perform other actions.

1. After listening to a message the recipient can save a message they have heard. This will be saved forever unless they delete it, or unless their inbox is full of saved messages and a new message is sent to them, in which case the oldest saved message will be overwritten with the incoming message. When hearing old messages, the user is informed if the message has been saved.

2. Messages are automatically deleted after 30 days but can also be deleted by the user to keep a cleaner inbox, immediately after listening to a message.

3. After listening to a message the recipient can forward the message. If they choose ‘Forward’, then they will be asked for a mobile number to which the message should be forwarded. This is checked for validity and then the message is sent to the inbox associated with that number.

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