17 January 2016

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[Hot][Modded][Updated][Java]Special Facebook Mod-5 (Facebook Grand)

Updated Fb-Mod Version-5 Of The App Which Has Best Feature..

With This Unique Mod You Can Copy Text In Multi Clip-Board For Any Text Box, From Your Facebook App.Brightness Controll DualScreenshot System (Text Moter App &Fb App) Minimizable..

Or Press "#" Key To Select Corup Screenshoot Any Importent Place And Use Green Dial KeyTo Full ScreenSHoot....


0.Note System Clip Board.

1.Dual Ss Croup Full.

2.Any Text Moder.

3.Text Limit Removal In Manual.

4.B-B Cod, Colour Cod, Url Cod, And Extra Smyle.

5.Mullti Clip Board.

6.Chang Back Graun In Manual 240x320 Low Qulity Picture.

7.Brightness Controll.

And Press*Key Long Time For Minimizable The App.

Specal Thanx To Mamun7 Bro For Your Help..




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