09 January 2016

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[Java App][Hot]MP3 Cutter version 2 by Souvik

Hi folks! Its been long since I posted a J2ME app..

Well this time I didn't do something new. Yesterday, I was just going through my posts when I came across my MP3 Cutter v1thread..

It was full of bug reports..

So I decided to fix it..

So here I am with version 2.. . Fixes:- . java.lang.Exception even when the file was successfully cut.. . 64kb bit rates songs size gets doubled and 256kb bit rates songs gets halfed when cut. . Some songs even after successfully cut was invalid due to wrong algorithm of coding.. . MP3 Tags disappeared after file was cut making it difficult to organise in certain circumstances.. . ~~~~ . I re-coded, re-engineered the full apps algorithm.. The UI is just the same only slight improved to make it more user friendly.. . If you want some improvements you can reply me at my email souvik095@ gmail.com . Thanks for using~ Have a nice evening~


Credits To - Souvik Mondal

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