08 January 2016

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[Tutorial]How To Disable annoying Apps & Games Requests In Facebook


Hello! The App or Game requests are simply very much annoying and irritating. I simply hate those useless notifications and have disabled them from my side, and I am sure there may be many users who also want to get rid of these notifications. Therefore, I am going to make you learn to disable apps and games notifications on your account too, so follow these steps:

*.Firstly, Login to your Facebook Account and Click Down arrow button that you use to Sign Out, and from there you need to Click on Settings.

*.Now, from the left list of menus, Click on Notifications and then Click on Edit button in front of App requests and activity.

*.Afterwards, Deselect all the apps whom notifications you don’t want to get in future and then Click onthe Close button, you are done. Now you’ll not receive notifications or requests from unselected apps and games.

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