14 February 2016


Jaf Pkey Emulator And The Tutorial On Installing It On Win7/Xp/Vista

Hi friend! took some effort for me to find a working version of JAF, but with enough digging and testing i got it. And today i am going to share it with you all....


1 . Right Click On "JAF Setup 1.98.62.exe"

2. Select 'Run as administrator' (windows vista, 7 and 8 only) 224919vwvaorj9v9ii9vhh.png Ignore if you get any warning while Installing.

After Installation Of "JAF Setup 1.98.62.exe"


1. Copy "OGM JAF PKEY Emulator v 5.exe" to "C:\Program Files\ODEON\JAF\" (If you are Installed Jaf to any other Driver copy to the corresponding folder)

2. Now create "OGM JAF PKEY Emulator v 5.exe" short cut at Desktop.

How to create Short Cut ?


A. Right Click on "OGM JAF PKEY Emulator v 5.exe" B. Goto Send to ---> Desktop (create shortcut) ..



( Windows XP users No Need to do steps 3,4,5,6,7)

3. Now Right Click on "OGM JAF PKEY Emulator v 5.exe" Goto "Properties".

4. Click "Compatibility" tab.

5. check "Run this program in compatibility mode for:" and set "Windows XP (Service Pack 3)"

6. check "Run this Program as Administrator"

7. Click "Apply" "OK" ........

Done ..!!!!!!


Now It Will Work Perfect in Windows 7 .

If you have questions/ trouble, PM me and i'll try to help the best i can.

EDIT: When launching the PKey Emulator, JAF prompts "Box driver not installed". Just click ok, the program will work despite the missing driver.

Download below all files first download all JAF files 4 parts, and the "OGM JAF PKEY Emulator v 5"

Than unrar the files to "JAF Setup 1.98.62/"


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