06 February 2016


Keylogger F0R java And Tutorial How To Mod It

Hello! All Today I Am Going To Share A Special Mod For Java Called Keylogger.Keylogger mod helps you to save every texts inputed by the user on the app, address typed or messages even passwords entered by the user.. Isn't it sounds intersting.....

Things You'll Need

1.) BlueFtp

2.) Bytecode Editor

3.) Keylogger.Zip

Steps To Mod

1.) Extract the application you want to mod in a seperate folder in your memory-card with blueftp or any other extractor you use.

2.) Now Open Bytecode Editor And Locate To The Folder Where You Extracted The Midlet.

3.) Now Search For This Code


Few class files will popup open them one by one And change above code to this code


Note: Don't change "(Ljavax/microedition/midlet/MIDlet;)Ljavax/microedition/lcdui/Display"

4.) Now Again Search For Other Code Given Below


And Change this code to this code:


then in the same class click on search for


and if any method appears then change above code to


5.) Repeat the same process for all other classes..

6.) After that extract keylogger.zip file attached with this post and pack it with the midlet.. Done.. For launching keylogger enter


in textbox and press ok.. Wait for a second..

Done.! Congrats you have modded your app with keylogger.

Note: Modding Is Not An Easy Task You Will Surely Face Problems But You Should Not Loose Your Hope And You've To Try And Try Till You Succeed.If You Have Any Problem/Problems Then Don't Hesitate To Ask It Via Comments . I'll Try To Help You As Much As I Can.

If You Want To Save Yourself From This Headache , If You Hate Modding Apps , If You Are Not Yet Motivated Towards Modding , Or You Think That It All Out Of Your Mind Then Simply Comment Here Or Knock Me At Facebook With The Name And The Download Link Of The App You Want To Be Modded With Keylogger And You Know What,,I Will Mod It For You.

Here Is An Uc Modded By Me :

1.) Uc Browser

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  1. Brother I want that you should mod facebook for every phone with all resolutions,screenshot feature,custom font selector,keylogger,bg image,turbo,child lock,text limit removal,wellcome sound on start.
    If you can mod this,then plz mod

  2. @Ghulam Yaseen Khan,
    It'll take a lot of time...