05 September 2015

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How To Redirect All Your Site Visitors Using Pc Or Mobile To Mobile Version [Javascript Code]

In this post,i will show you the easiest way to make your site be in mobile version for both phone users and PC users that always visit your site with pc to make this work for your mywapblog site,kindly insert the below given code into your css theme but make sure you upload this code as css file before inserting it to your theme..... THE CODE IS :Note : Remove All * Before Copying.

Change that minetechworld.heck.in to your own site name.Then copy that scripts and put it into notepad download notepad for your phone..then save it and upload it to your mywapblog site.Then use the link in your css the css link will be in form of this

@import url(http://your site address/files/name of the uploaded scripts.css);

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