07 October 2016

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To Mywapblog Admin With Tears : Don't make us Sad

Hello Dear Arvind Gupta,

This is first time i am publishing post without any preparation,Any SEO practices,Any writing tips,Any Glammar checking,Any Keyword Researching...No i have no time to look it.

Copy this message and post in your blog,Send it it mywapblog by support@mywapblog.com email

I saw the most irritating news in my blogging life,No in my life that "MyWapBlog will be closed in next month".It was a shocking news.I thought mywapblog has been hacked.

We have (users) discussed lot about mywapblog,We have writed much,We have loved much,We have getting excited and happied on Mywapblog birthdays.But are you cheating us?Say mistor are you cheating us?You may be backed up our posts,But look mywapblog is not only a blogging provider to us,It is part of our life,It is a community.

Personal Issues

You are saying closing mywapblog due to personal issues.But remember thatit is a personal issue of an only man,Arvind gupta.But if mywapblog blocked it will be big issue of thousands of sincere users

Our Guides,Posts, Feedbacks???

You are a good man,You are very happier & Active to reply our queries & fix our problems.I have personally given you feedbacks about 50 Feedbacks.Many users have done this.Mywapblog is interesting than money than blogging to fans.

Why Not Selling?

Sad to saying you to sell,But it is only way only chance.If you have personal problems,Sell it.You will get lakhs.

So Don't cheat us please...

I saw a user commented in blogI will die soon if Mwb will closed soon

Spread #SaveMyWapBlog

I just made a Hash tag,Now it is trend in mywapblog facebook groups.Use #SaveMyWapBlog


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