03 November 2016

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[Ebook] Sams Teach Yourself PHP In Ten Minutes HD PDF/CHM

Don’t doubt what can be done, learned in short 10 minutes. Actually, Sams Teach Yourself‘s In 10 Minutes series of books had proved this point. In 10 minutes, we can master a lot of practical technologies.
The characteristic of Sams Teach Yourself PHP in 10 Minutes is to let you teach yourself (in the form of questions & answers) one of essential languages for most dynamic websites – PHP (another one is MySQL). It broke the PHP technologies needed to build a dynamic website into lessons reader can master in about 10 minutes, where you can quickly get working PHP 5 skills that can be put into use immediately, and with which you can create practical web applications at once.

BTW, Sams Teach Yourself PHP in 10 Minutes has been out of print, but fortunately, AppNee could get you its HD PDF and CHM formats of eBooks. If you are in need of them, just enjoy!

// Table Of Contents //

1. Getting to Know PHP
2. Variables
3. Flow Control
4. Functions
5. Working with Numbers
6. Working with Strings
7. Working with Arrays
8. Regular Expressions
9. Working with Dates and Times
10. Using Classes
11. Processing HTML Forms
12. Generating Dynamic HTML
13. Form Validation
14. Cookies and Sessions
15. User Authentication
16. Communicating with the Web Server
17. File system Access
18. Host Program Execution
19. Using a MySQL Database
20. Database Abstraction
21. Running PHP on the Command Line
22. Error Handling
23. PHP Configuration
24. PHP Security
25. Using PEAR
Appendix A: Installing PHP

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