19 October 2017


Why Are Fidget Spinners Attractive?

What is the use of Fidget Spinners?

If you’re reading this, then you possess a fidget spinner or you probably know someone who has one and are wondering why are fidget spinners addictive. Read on to know why these fidget spinners and fidget cubes are the must-have devices these days similar to things like yoyo, slinky and fingerboard.

Fidget spinners have achieved massive hype and success in a relatively short period of time. But now currently, there are different versions of them to make it the best toys and games product on amazon.

Why Are Fidget Spinners Addictive?

Fidget spinners: Why does everybody feel that they need one? How do they help us?

Taking a closer look, every fidget spinner has a central bearing that you grip with your index finger and your thumb and there’s a three-pronged blade that rotates. Although, depending on the model, the styles of the blades as well as the material may vary. When you initiate a spin, they can spin for minutes at a time. The fidget spinners were initially designed and marketed as tools for anxiety and were targeted for children with ADHD and autism.

In case of the fidget spinner, the sensation that comes from holding a fast spinning object as you tilt it back and forth and actually feel the various spinning forces move in your hand, it can be very calming and so satisfying indeed.

An article on Health.com shows if Fidget Spinners Can Really Help Anxiety and ADHD?

Do Fidget Spinners Actually Work?

According to science, fidget spinners are really efficient when you combine it with other forms of treatment. But fidget spinners alone do not cure any anxiety and currently there is no research that shows that. However, there are several reasons as to why fidgeting can actually be beneficial.

Did you know that your body movements are a part of your thinking and expression process? Just try texting a friend or someone and try not to move at all as you are thinking of what to type. It’s impossible right. It’s like this urge to move in order to get our point across or for our thoughts to come out exactly how we intend them. Notice that when someone is thinking, they might actually look up or may have varied facial expressions. So why does that actually happen. This is because physical movements can assist with cognitive abilities, similar to writing things down in order to remember them more easily or drawing to help your thinking process. So fidgeting can actually help you think and express yourself.

When you’re fidgeting with an object, that also helps to create an emotional attachment to it which can serve as a replacement to having a real human available; to some extent though. I am just saying that objects like fidget spinners are addictive and can be an outlet for the need of human interaction.

Apart from the sensation that you feel spinning it, another massive appeal with fidget spinners specifically is the variety of tricks that you can do, tricks of varying difficulties that you can perform. So there is also the sense of a new challenge and mastering a new skill that comes along with it.

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Fidget spinners come in a variety of colors as well as some containing more heavy-duty materials that can cost upto a thousand dollars.

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