10 October 2015

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Free browsing-HOW TO GENERATE A NEW IMEI FOR ANY PHONE MODEL and Enjoy Unlimited Data

All mobile devices have a unique 15 digits imei number whereby the first 8 digits is contains the identifier, mobile equipment and the final assembly code..

The next 6 digits after that contains the serial number (which we more often than not tamper with in the course of tweaking by randomly selecting any other 6 digit of our choice)

The last 1 digit is called the Check sum to balance the imei code.. this is calculated and given in the result once we clicked on the analyse button in the imei analyzer apps in order to complete the full 15 digit valid imei number....

RECAP...... now we know what the various digits in the 15 digits imei of any mobile stands for.... the first 8 identifies the phone brand the next 6 is the serial number that can be generated randomly And the last digit is called the Check sum being calculated by the analyzer app...

******************************** ****************************** *************** For those of you guys that have been asking me for more info or how they can generate a new imei by themselves without the use of a PC..

Well here is your lucky day.. You can use this trick to generate an imei for any phone model and use to tweak cheats for any network provider.. The popular one now is for Airtel using a blackberry imei to browse at 1K for 3gb..

Without too much talk... Here is the step and NOTE it applies to any phone and not just for creating a bb imei even though i will use bb as an example.

* You don't need pc whatsoever...

*Download imei analyzer from playstore...

Find the first 8 digit of any bb... Eg-35826501 is for bb curve series..

*Add any 6 digits randomly of your choice to it. Eg... 465231...

*ADD THEM TOGETHER U GET... 35826501465231... Meaning 1 more digit missing to complete 15 digit imei [check sum]

Put the 14 digit in the imei analyzer and it will provide the last digit for you and also tell you more about the phone..

Like in this case the check sum is : 4...

So my complete newly generated imei looks like this :

[ 358265014652314]

And for the "newbies" that have no experience whatsoever in editing imei or configuring their phones for glo Android BIS,search it on-




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