20 February 2016


MyWapBlog Is Now Available As An Android App (Direct Download Link Is Here)

Hii Friends....

The official android app of mywapblog is released now...this app is amazing...you can download it from playstore or from the direct link i've provided...

Words From Arvind Gupta

"We’re very excited to launch the Android version of our mobile blogging service. The Android App featuring great UI /UX gives you a faster and simpler way to post updates and manage your MyWapBlog.com blog on the go. "

This App Is Loaded With exciting features such as offline mode, WYSIWYG editor and much more and i'm sure you’ll be excited as well!


With the MyWapBlog.com for Android you can:

=> Register a new blog

=> Write a post even if you’re offline

=> Publish, schedule or save a blog post as draft

=> Manage existing posts

=> Manage old and new comments

=> Upload files, pictures and videos

=> Embed files and pictures to posts

=> Manage existing files

=> Manage existing categories and add new ones

=> Change blog and profile settings

=> Change post privacy settings (Private / Public posts)

=> Receive notifications for visitor activities such as when new comments, feedback, guestbook entries are posted

This is the initial release of the MyWapBlog blogging app and does not include all the features of the web / mobile-web version.

Download the app from:


Direct Link



  1. Bro help me to create a forum in wapka and how to post tricks in it. Please!!!

  2. @Prasanna,
    you first need to create a wapka account.....contact me when its done....

  3. Bro its already done . My site name is "storeguru.wap-ka.com". So please tell me the processor. I just try to make a forum in this but i can't able to do this by reading posts from internet . So please post all code and trick to post tricks in this forum.

  4. Bro !!! when you give me the trick???

  5. Jalaj give me the full process to create a forum in wapka and post in it.

  6. @Prasanna,
    sry for the late reply........
    You can search for creating forum in wapka....there are many tutorials.....if you dont want to do it yourself then you've to wait for me for sometime.....i'm busy with my studies now a days....but wait i'll try to write a post on it this wednesday.....

  7. Bro how can i create mywapblog css

  8. @Saurav
    Go to my blog thoroughly and atlast you'll be making your own css.... :mrgreen:

  9. Bro but i want to make mywapblog css like @import url(http://networking.heck.in/......................css); please bro give me the trick.

  10. @Saurav,
    you first need to create a css file then embed it to the above code you are talking about....

  11. Bro i know that u are very busy in your studies. For this u can't post the wapka forum trick but please give me your another blog "futureweb.heck.in" css. Please bro!!

  12. Prasanna,
    Ok, Add the below code to your theme -

    @import url(http://is.gd/Realnet_Css_By_The_Vip);

  13. Bro thanks for this. But i want the origional main css of that blog not the shorten url of "blog-css-copy". So please give me the main and origional css.

  14. @Prasanna,
    I'm sorry but i've promised the creator ( i.e. Admin of realnet.heck.in ) to keep it confidential.....

  15. Peasanna,

    and if you want to edit that css....you can do it....i am going to post on editing @imported css soon.....so keep in touch

  16. Bro but how can u get this css from admin of realnet

  17. @Prasanna,
    We're friends....

  18. Can u not give me the css ??

  19. @Prasanna,
    bro i can't give you that similar css.......but i can give you the modified version of that css....

  20. Ok bro as u wish . But modified means what changes do u.

  21. @Prasanna,
    Hmm i will make some color changes and change some features etc

  22. Ok bro. But please hurry and please give me the hole long css . Don't short it. Please it is a request to u. And u can change the color but the color patter style is like ur another blog. Please send it to my email:

    And can u send me ur mobile number to my email. Please bro !!!

  23. Bro sent the css to my email.

  24. @Prasanna,
    I have sent you