28 March 2016

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Some super intresting facts about facebook

While today when i open up my blog and start thinking on updating new blog post i get stuck for some time because i get little boar from daily work. Therefore, to refresh my mind i start search on something different like amazing things etc. and eventually i got something very cool! which make me amazed. I got some very interesting and amazing facts about the blue guy Facebook.

Facebook is the world's very popular website with the 2nd alexa rank and have over 1 billion+ active users from all over the world.

Ten years ago from now, a college guy named Mark Zuckerberg on the 24th feb, 2004 formed a new social media called Facebook with the aim of connecting people of the world. At the start the students of Harvard University can only become member of facebook but after sometime it expanded to other universities and eventually it became public.

In the first year of its creation it accumulated over 50 millions active users.

Let's take a look on the interesting facebook facts: ;-)

Why facebook uses Blue color

The reason of use of Blue color by facebook is due to color blindness of the Mark zuckerberg. Yes, the founder of the Facebook Mark Zuckerberg is red-green color blind.

In the words of the Mark:-
"Blue is the richest color for me, I can see all of blue"

Mark is color blind and that is the reason why facebook is Blue.

Mark Zuckerberg wear T-shirts only

Zuckerberg wears only grey T-shirts and he is not interested in different styles and colors of shirts. He dresses up and wear Tie very rarely.Mark wears T-shirts only because he disturbed to much from school uniform. During the interview when he asked that why he wear T-shirts, he answered that he was forced to wear boarding school uniform for a long time.
In the event with Barak Obama he wears Suit. The president Obama introduced himself with the following words:

"I am Barak Obama and I am the guy who got mark to wear a jacket and a tie."

1/3 Divorce fillings in 2011 is due to Facebook

Its unbelievable but True that in the year of 2011 the one - third divorce fillings are due to facebook.
Information shared on facebook is become a major factor in marriage conflicts. And that information is used as a evidence in courts for divorce cases.

Iceland rewrte its constitution by using Facebook

In 1944, Iceland broke from Denmark it took the danish constitution and made some minor changes in it. But after financial crises of 2008-09 the Icelandic people driven to change there constitution.
This time the government make a council of 25 people to rewrite the constitution. The council put there drafts at facebook to get suggestions from citizens.

Adding 4 At the end of facebook URL will redirect you to Mark's profile
Yes! i am not kidding you will be redirected to the zuckerberg's facebook profile when you add 4 at the end of the facebook URL like this:

https://www. facebook.co m/4

The point here to note is that why zuckerberg not use 1 instead of 4 for his profile. Like the above by adding no. 5,6 and 7 you will be redirected to respective profiles of Chris Hughes and Dustin Moskovitz which are co-founders of facebook.

Facebook pays to Bug Hunters
Facebook rewards upto 500$ to anyone who find bug in the facebook. This is done to appreciate the security researchers.
The largest prize given by facebook until now is 33500$.

Change your language to "Pirate"

By enabling this language on your profile you can see change in the names such as you see Matey's instead of Friend, the word "Cap'n" appears before the name of everyone, commenting is called "scrawling a mark", pictures are called portraits and instead of word like you may see something like "Arri"
To enable this language goto your facebook account and then to languages and look for "English(pirates).

Lot's of picture uploaded to facebook

It is estimated that 4000 pictures are uploaded to facebook every second believe it or not but its true. 250 billion pictures are upload to facebook in the moth of September of previous year.
Nokia estimated that 4% pictures on facebook are ever taken
That's why facebook seems to have become a sort of digital photo album.

Facebook account hacking!

It is estimated that hackers make 600,000 attempts to hack facebook accounts every day. Many people want to hack the others account to for different reasons to get there personal information or to disturb there relations with others.

Yahoo offers for the facebook

In the 2006, Yahoo make an offer of 1 billion$ to mark zuckerberg to sell facebook but Zuckerberg take this offer down. And according to Mark, he love his site to much and don't want sell it on any price.

Final words
If you like this article then must share it with your friends on facebook and other profiles.



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