26 March 2016


[HOT] Best and easiest method to root Nokia X

Hello Everyone. Today I wanted to create a full and final Tutorial on how to root Nokia X. Whether you are on v 11.1.1 or have updated tov

Step-by-step guide:

1.Download and install Nokia X Usb Drivers (if you haven't).

2.Download Nokia X ToolKit from here.

3.Set your device to USB Debugging and connect it to your PC.

4.Run the Nokia X Toolkit. You will see this screen:


5.Choose Option 21.

6.Let it work and after a while you'll find your phone booted into CWM.

7.There goto Mounts And Storage --> Mount System.

8.Then choose Flash Zip from SD Card.

9.There you'll find a zip of Superuser. Flash it.

10.After flashing, you should choose Reboot.

11.It will give you a prompt about fixing CWM. Just select NO.

12.Done. You will be rooted now.

I hope this works. Tested by me. So Enjoy.

Credits to Ethan(Developer) for this magnificent Toolkit.

P.S: Much better than KingRoot and other methods, I believe.

As i have mentioned earlier that i have tested this method personally and it works perfectly for me and it should work for you also still i do not take any guarantee and i will not be responsible for any issues caused.

Plese comment below if you have any queries...



  1. Very nice and helpful post but please can you provide me the drivers...

  2. @emma,
    thankyou.....emma i think i am familiar with this name????