11 May 2016


How To Upload And View Text (.txt) File In Mywapblog

Mywapblog Upload Text File

Hello ! Being a mywapblog user you should know that mywapblog doesn't allow us to upload text files (.txt) .But sometimes if we want to share some sort of tutorial or code which we can't add in post,the next option comes in our mind is adding that tutorial or code in a text (.txt) file and share it,but all hopes are dashed when we remember that we can't upload .txt file in mywapblog.

Today i am going to share a trick with you using which you can upload .txt file in mywapblog.

So Let's Start The Tutorial:

Tools Needed

#. Blueftp

Okay let me make it clear that its true that we can't upload .txt file but yes we can fool mywapblog and have our work done in some simple steps given below:

1.) I suppose that you have your .txt file.

2.) Now let's assume that your file name is XYZ.txt (it is just for example purpose your file can have any name ending with a .txt extension)

3.) Now download BlueFtp from above and open it, after opening blueftp locate the folder or location where your text file is present.

3.) Select the text file,open menu and select rename.

4.) Rename





5.) Click Ok and save your file (which should now be renamed like XYZ.css)

6.) Now go to Your mywapblog dashboard < add < file .

7.) Locate and upload your file (XYZ.css)

8.) Now open the file and Congrats!! it will not show the download window instead of that it will show the text/code present inside your file.

Last Words

I hope you liked the article and now you are able to view your text files online without any problem.But if you have any problem then please don't hesitate to ask it via comments.Till then happy blogging!!!!!

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  1. How can I use that yhur css creator.jar to create css

  2. @youngkizzy,
    It is used to create css files