28 June 2016

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[Modding] Best And Easiest Method To Crack Rendered Ideas Games

Hello Friends! Today I Am Going to tell you an easy and most suitable method to hack and crack rendered ideas games.

Rendered Ideas are the current best game vendor for Java. Unfortunately all of their games are come with ads. Now days they using their 4th ads engine wich cant be cracked easily. If we crack it manually, then the game show Incorrect version detected download latest version again. whatever it is, there are a few special people who can carck this new ads engine. I (Jalaj) a special technique to crack their game. Compared to other expert crackers, my method is too easily.....


1- Make any rendered game zip format and extract all items to a empty folder using blueftp.

2- Clear the http link in vsevmanger.class using language editor.

3- there will be a class related to vservmanager in main root, clear the http links also in it.

4- now check all class in main root, there will be class contain google analysis link, clear it.

5- Now open bytecode editor and go to the folder named rendered ideas, search the year of the game wich announced, if game released in 2016, then search for 2016 in each class, open the the method if appear in any class and check each string, there will be string contain '2016'. Just replace 2016 with 2099 and save.

6- Now compress all file to jar format using blueftp and install. You will get the game as cracked. You can play the game till 2099 without showing the error message 'Incorrect version detected download latest version again'.Congrats!!!!!!!!

Hope you that you alive in 2099 :mrgreen:

I wrote this post in a hurry.If something is unclear, ask it in comments.Till then happy cracking.


1 comment:

  1. Jalaj bro will u hack 1 id for me
    Tell me in fb, i have send u a request(anas hussain )