19 October 2017


Some Truths About Computer Programming

Truths about Computer Programming

There are many confusions among common folks when it comes to computer programming. People from non-technical background don’t really understand what exactly is computer programming. There are memes allover the web regarding computer programmers being mistaken for a PC repair guy or someone who is a full-time nerd. But that’s not true. I myself being a computer programmer have some qualities which is contradictory to what stereotypes think about programmers/developers. Here is a curated list from different sources on the internet on some of the hilarious but true facts about computer programming.

  • No one seems to remember the fact that a programmer is not a PC repair man.


  • Programming is not typing, it’s about thinking of a solution to solve an existing problem. You don’t just go to your keyboard and start typing without a thought out solution, this is not the movies.


  • Counting starts from zero, not one.


  • You don’t need serious math skills to be a developer. However, you’ll need basic algebra, logic, strong problem-solving skills, and most of all, patience.


  • You don’t need a degree to be a developer – programming is like almost any profession: if you’re good at it, people will pay you for your skills, regardless of how you got there.


  • Sleeping with a problem, can actually solve it.


  • If the implementation is hard to explain, it’s a bad idea. If the implementation is easy to explain, it may be a good idea.


  • Software will have bugs. Hardware will have failures.

  • There’s no such thing as a simple bug. A stupid mistake like leaving out a semi-colon or misspelling a variable name can easily take a week to find and fix and can cause significant loss of sleep.


  • There are only a handful of truly critical programming concepts.


  • You can spend 10 times longer debugging a program than you do writing it. So take your time typing and don’t make stupid typos.


  • You can learn programming without the theory.


  • Documentation and commenting are more of a survival tactic than niceness to whoever encounters it next.


  • Programming can be addictive. I can’t go through an app or a game or a site without mentally visualizing what that code must look like.


  • All those fancy algorithms that you studied in class, you may never get to code them in real life. They have all been abstracted into libraries.


  • Programming is very rewarding. Most people feel great pride and satisfaction in some of their code. That’s weird to non-programmers, but when you put a lot of time, thought and effort into solving a problem, developing a great solution makes you happy.

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And finally. Programming is real fun, but only when you “get it”. Programming is a super power. You can bend reality to your will with it. You can make the world a better place, or you can destroy it.


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  1. All of this is so true.
    But what to do if my programming skils become borring to me?

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