08 May 2016

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Improve Your Blogs SEO By Showing Post Title Before Blog Title


SEO is the key to get high organic traffic towards your blog. We optimize our blog to get more organic traffic by doing so much SEO techniques As default in search results our post title show after the blog title but it is not good for SEO. We must show post title before Blog title to get better rank in search results and get more organic traffic. We just need to add a little piece of coding to perform this SEO activity. I will show you how you can show your post title before blog title in search results. So lets start this easy tutorial:

Steps to Do

1.) Go to Blogger Dashboard--->Template--->Edit HTML

Search for below code using CTRL+F

2.) Now replace the above code with below code:

<*data:blog.pageName/*> | <*data:blog.title/*>



Please Remove All " * " (Asterisks) From Code

3.) Save your template.

Final Words

Congrats! You have successfully done this SEOsetting and now your blog is ready to get more organic traffic. Its your turn to give your feedback on this post through comments till then Peace, Blessings and Happy Optimizing.

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