08 January 2016

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[Tutorial] Update Facebook status from mobile without the internet

facebook-free.png This may seem weird to many of our readers that how one can update Facebook status without using it? So, friends, it is possible, and I am going to make you learn to do so. You can easily update your Facebook status and that too without using Facebook from your side. So, apply these steps to learn about it more.

*.Sign Into your Facebook account and Click on Down arrow button then Click on Settings.

*.Now, Click on Mobile from left menus.

*.Afterwards, you will have another window opened. Now you need to add your Phone number, and then you’ll receive a confirmation code on your number, note down that code and then write that code on Facebook opened window; afterwards, click on Confirm button.

*.Now you can easily update your Facebook status or post to Facebook using your Mobile phone with the help of text message.

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