19 March 2016

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[Special][Hot] How to resume downloading all 'failed to download' files in UC Browser

Is Your Downloading Failed/error/Link Expired At The Final Moment?? And Not Able To Resume It?? Don't Worry, I Have Solution.

Earlier i have published post on how to resume failed to download files on opera mini.Many users asked me to post any trick for uc browser.So this time i am with a trick for uc browser....

How To Resume Download:

Step 1: First Goto File Manager > UC Downloads > (This is the folder where i download my files you should go to the folder where you download your files) Then Find Your Downloading File And .tmp File Just Below Your Downloading File.

Eg: Im Downloading XYZ.apk/.jar And It Fails At 53%. So Now I Need To Goto File Manager > UC Downloads > And I Have To Find File Named XYZ.apk And XYZ.apk.tmp Files.

Step 2: Now We Have To Move Those Files From UC Downloads Folder To Any Other Folder.

Step 3: Then Again We Need To Open UC Browser App And We Have To Delete XYZ.apk File From Downloading Files.

Step 4: Now We Have To Download Same File Again From The Same Link For A Minimum Of 2-5% And Pause It.

Step 5: Then Again Goto File Manager > UC Downloads > Now Delete Those Two Files [Downloading File & .Tmp File]

Step 6: Now Goto Folder Where You Moved First Two Downloading Files And Move Them Back To UC Downloads Folder.

Step 7: Now Open UC Browser App Again And Goto Download Manager And Resume Your Download.

Note: Does not work with "Resume Not Supported" files.

Enjoy !! :mrgreen:


1 comment:

  1. Nice! Useful tip! I got problem with re-download expired links, it always failed. From now I can download things easier with UC Browser app. Thanks for sharing!