11 April 2016

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How to minimize use of your data speed up your net

Internet connections in rural India is really painful. Like me, I'm out of town, I use limited 2G and 3G prepaid data pakes.

In mobile phones these connections are OK, but in case of PC, web browsing in PC will ruin your day.

yc067.gifOut of Time or Out of Data .yc038.gif

After a long work I got some tips, and I would like to share them.

Well There will be three steps.

Step 1: Blocking Unwanted, hidden Apps and services.

You can check which apps are using internet by opening Resource Monitor(Task Manager> Performance Tab> Open Resource Monitor> Network Tab). 164821rdh3cxq9x5lrqj9d.png 1.) Blocking Windows Update Service:

In most of cases windows update service[svchost.exe(netsvcs) used by BITS - Background Intelligent Transfer Service] eats all the bandwidth and data usage.

To stop Windows Update in background follow these steps:

1. Go to Control Panel > System and Security > Windows Update > Change Settings.

In drop down menu chose "Check for updates but let me choose whether to download and install them" and uncheck "Recommended Updates". Save and exit. 164941gsdjuuc0c7np0d03.png 2.) Open Services by RUN (Windows R) > Type "services.msc". 165332g72h43tgsqsm2xee.png Scroll down and select Windows Update.

Right click > Properties > Choose Startup type "Disabled" > Apply > OK 165056dmojgl2twwwzk0ff.png Then select Background Intelligent Transfer Service.

Right click > Properties If the service is running then first STOP it by clicking Stop. Choose Startup type "Disabled" > Apply > OK. 165157yq8bz8qjdcyowvbw.png 3. Open System Configuration by RUN > type "msconfig". In services tab uncheck BITS. Apply > OK. 165244m2pt8o9wodmcjomw.png

Blocking unwanted apps:

You can block any particular app from connecting to internet using Windows Firewall. But it is a long process and if you have to block a lot of apps then it will crack your eyes and brain. So all you have to do is download a app called "Glasswire". Its a free and paid app. But the free version is enough for you. It has a lot of eyes, it will record all your network activity. It has network graph, firewall, usage record, themes and lot more.Well, download and install Glasswire. Open firewall and turn it ON.It will list all new apps whenever they connects to internet and gives a notification to you. 165434w4ijcuusw5xsgjc5.png Block any unwanted apps by clicking the left side fire sign. (Check screen shot)

Step 2: Download and install Opera Web Browser latest version.

It is a chromium based browser with all the functions of chrome and more than that. It has a option Called "Opera Turbo", which will compress webpages and images using opera server (global-tu rbo2-lvs-hopper.opera-mini.net) same as Opera Mini in mobile phones. It does not use too much data in background, as Chrome and firefox do. 165518ex13im31ol779111.png

Step 3: Download ad-blockers ans tracking killers.

Ads and trackers use half of the data in webpages. Time to kill them.Download Adblock Plus and Ghostery. 165556z070k8y84c94k2c9.png165613hatt09h0h5h9531a.png

Some more tips:

1. Install a network monitor to check network activity all time.

Whenever u found some unwanted activity end them using task manager or block them by firewall.

You can check IOBit Performance monitor or install Rainmeter and use some network monitor skin.


2. Block unwanted ips or hosts using firewall.

Search Google and make things easy. Good Luck.

Thanks for reading.

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